The Goalkeeper in Isolation

Do at home drills to improve core competencies

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At Goalkeeper HQ, we have always believed that there is a process in which the path to become a great goalkeeper needs to be followed. This path requires being as consistent as you can in each of the Goalkeeper HQ Core Competencies.

It has always been the aim to provide education on why each competency is needed, the knowledge of how to do each competency correctly, and drills in which to practice and improve in that particular part of the game.

With the current situation of isolation, and the demand for goalkeepers to do work at home, we have adapted the original idea to create do at home drills in minimal space with just the goalkeeper or with one person serving.

Your Instructor

Leon Othen
Leon Othen

Leon Othen is the Goalkeeping Director for Inter CT FC, a Premier-level club based out of Norwalk, CT, and previously US affiliate to the Everton FC in the English Premier League. Leon is also the goalkeeping coach for Joel Barlow High School in Redding, CT.

Leon played in England & Malaysia, and coached for Leyton Orient and Arsenal, helping coach young players to fulfill their dream of playing professional.

Within the College game in the U.S. Leon was until recently the assistant men’s coach and goalkeeper coach at Division 1 school, Quinnipiac. Leon has also coached for University of New Haven women’s team.

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